Classic 1964 Bentley S3

Our 1964 Bentley S3

Our classic 1964 Bentley S3 is a fine example of our British motor car heritage. Similar to the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III,  the Bentley S3 is a respectably elegant, stately hand crafted motor car, powered by a super smooth 6.3 ltr V8 engine.

Our vehicle has undergone extensive external and mechanical restoration work and is presented in immaculate condition for your wedding day.

Bentley S3 Bentley S3 wedding car Bentley at the reception 1964 Bentley S3 S3 Bentley from the front Bentley S3 on an evening wedding in Swindon

The Bentley S3 appointments include, sheepskin over carpets, electric sunroof, sumptuous leather interior, the finest walnut veneers, electric windows and ample rear leg room to accommodate even the fullest of wedding dresses.

Bentley S3 wedding car interior showing the red leather seating and sheepskin carpet
Bentley S3 wedding car in tudor grey over shell silver

In Tudor Grey over Shell Silver our Bentley S3 is sure to complement any wedding colour scheme and ideal for weddings all year round.

"It's not a question of how many heads the Bentley turns, it's easier to notice and to count the heads that it doesn't."